5 Ways to Feel More Comfortable In Front of The Camera

  1. omaha, boudoir, photography, photographer, modern, portraits, fashion,Know Your Photographer.  The more you know your photographer, the more comfortable you will be.  Have a conversation with them about your shoot.  Follow their studio on social media sites and their company blog.  Our about page.
  2. Know What To Expect At Your Session. Spend some time talking to your photographer on the phone or in person.  It makes such a  big difference when you know what to expect  and what to wear.
  3. omahaboudoirphotographers, boudoir, photography, omaha, ne, shondy studios, sexy photos, intimate photography, bridal, gifts for grooms, omaha boudoir, omaha sexy photos, intimate,Take the Time to Try on all of Your Outfits BEFORE the Day of Your Shoot.  You will be a thousand times more likely to feel comfortable and sexy in what you are wearing.  Make sure you follow what the photography studio has told you about outfits…they are telling you the do’s and do not’s for a reason, so if you want to love your portraits pay close attention.
  4. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before Your Shoot.  omaha, boudoir, photography, photographer, bridal, wedding, gift, birthday, anniversary, sexy, intimate, lingerie,This is a no-brainer, but it can really make a difference in your appearance and in your overall experience with the session.  Also, do not drink too much alcohol the night before your session.  Hangovers never look good in portraits.
  5. Chill.  Even if you have never done a photo shoot of any kind before, photographers pose you from head to toe.  There is nothing you need to know how to do. 🙂  Relax and enjoy being the center of attention. 🙂

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