The Modern Portraiture Experience

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website! We are SHONDY STUDIOS of Omaha, Ne. We are known for our BOUDOIR, MODERN PORTRAITURE, SENIOR, and PERSONAL BRANDING (HEADSHOT) PHOTOGRAPHY. Clients visit us in Omaha, NE to transform them from their everyday look into the gorgeous model hiding inside! FEMALE  Photographer Shonda Bevill knows how to take any shape or size and bring out the very best! Let us show you how beautiful you really are!

boudoir, photography, omaha, ne, shondy studios, sexy photos, intimate photography, bridal, gifts for grooms, omaha boudoir, omaha sexy photosLET’S TALK ABOUT MODERN PORTRAITURE…what is it?  It’s really freaking gorgeous portraits of you, that’s what it is…the kind of portraits that will make you feel like you are a woman to be noticed!  Get in a beautiful dress, or if that is not your thing, your best clothes and let us do the rest! Modern Portraiture sessions are a great pick-me-up, and in the end, you have stunning portraits that will last a lifetime.  THESE PORTRAITS ARE SO IMPORTANT!  WE MUST EXIST IN PORTRAITS FOR OUR CHILDREN.  

Scheduling Session retainers are $99.  Hair and make-up $75.  This retainer covers an hour long shoot with unlimited clothing changes, and professional retouching (we take away stretch marks, acne, scars, etc).  The retainer is non-refundable and do at the time of booking.  Call when you’re ready, we’ll take your retainer right over the phone, and get your session booked.  We’ll answer all of your questions and walk you through what’s best to wear.

ARRIVING  Sessions are held in our studio in Omaha, NE:  11138 Q St. 68137 or we may arrange to meet at an outdoor location.

boudoir, photography, omaha, ne, shondy studios, sexy photos, intimate photography, bridal, gifts for grooms, omaha boudoir, omaha sexy photosTIME FOR THE SHOOT…NERVOUS?  It’s okay!  Everyone is.  We promise to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  There is a private changing room and we will walk you through each pose, and expression.  The typical client relaxes within the first few minutes of her shoot.  We’re going to make you look amazing!


Processing portraits takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks as we cull over each image and take away blemishes.  Ordering/Reveal sessions are about an 30 to 45 mins.  Once your order is placed, the final product is ready in one to one and a half weeks.

A Message From Shonda:

I am passionate about giving my clients a fun, pampering and empowering experience!  A boudoir or modern portraiture shoot with Shondy Studios is about so much more than just sexy or beautiful images.  It’s about celebrating your womanliness!  My determination for every shoot is to help you discover and celebrate the power and beauty that lies within you.  I have seen the transformational power that boudoir and modern portraiture sessions can have on a woman.  Everyone is nervous and shy when they first come in, but we joke, we laugh, and before you know it we are having a great time.  I direct you 100% of the time, so no, you do not have to have a clue as to what you are doing! 🙂

Shondy Studios photo sessions are not a shoot and burn type of scenario.  I get to know you very well.  I know what you are wanting to get from your shoot and I love hearing the reactions of your partner, sister, mother, and bff when they see your portfolio.  By the time you are done with the Modern Portraiture process, we will be like old friends.

About 2-3 weeks after our shoot, you’ll come back in and I will help you view and select the images of your portfolio.  That’s the really fun part!

DON’T wait until you’ve lost 10 more pounds!  You are beautiful NOW!  I am a professional body poser!  In addition to that, we will discuss what is best to wear with your body type and I will customize the shoot for you and around what reflects your best.

I invest a lot in making sure you have an A-list experience from start to finish, so be prepared to feel like a rock star!

If an experience like this is what you are looking for, you should definitely contact our studio and book your session with me:  402-968-1717



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